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In Canso Strait


In Canso Strait our vessel lay
We just arrived in from the Bay
Our vessel built both stout and strong
To Gloucester she does belong.

We were homeward bound and ready for sea
When our drunken captain got on a spree
He came on board and to us did say
"Get your anchor, lads, and fill her away!"

We filled here away at his command
With all sails set we left the land
Leaving Sand Point all on our lea
As we sailed into a heavy sea.

The night came on and dark clouds lowered
The wind did howl and breakers roared
An angry squall and the angry sky
It put her down at half-mast high.

We kindly asked him to shorten sail
Or we'd all be lost in the heavy gale
He cursed and swore if the wind would blow
He'd show us how his boat could go.

"I am captain here and I will not fail
For to shoot the first man to touch a sail."
Then up speaks one of our bravest men
"There's nine of us right here at hand."

"We'll reef her down and to sea we'll go
If he interferes, lash him down below
We'll reef her down to a steady steer
From those breaking waves as she disappears."

We're heading up the Cape Shore now
As she knocks the white foam from her bow
Our jib sheet tore, in the wind it flew
We hauled it down and bent our new.

We were homeward bound with great success
Like some lonely seagull seeking rest
When I get home no more I'll sail
With a drunken captain in a heavy gale

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