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Sally Greer


Oh, it being in the month of August, eighteen hundred and thirty-three
My parents they forced me for to leave my count-r-y
To leave this fair island where my first breath I drew
They forced me to Americay, my fortune to pursue.

The reason that they banished me I mean to let you hear
Because I would not break my vows I made unto my dear
'Twas on the Monarch of Aberdeen from Belfast we bore down
We hoisted English colours, to Quebec we were bound.

Sailing on the ocean, no danger did I fear
My mind was on the one I love, my charming Sally Greer
The wind blew from the mountains, it tossed us to and fro
Our ship she struck against a rock, to pieces she did go.

Oh, it was on St. Paul's Island for three long days we lay
The cold ground being our bed, and our covering was the sky
Of three hundred and fifty passengers, only thirteen reached the shore
The rest of them to the bottom went; they sank to rise no more.

Success attend our captain, and I will praise him true
But for him and his bravery, we'd have lost our whole ship's crew
We lost our money and clothing all by that dreadful wreck
And were we not a sight to see when we landed in Quebec.

It's now I'm in a strange country, my sorrow to bewail
No friends or relations to hear my mournful tale
But I hope to be in Ireland before another year
Where I can rove in splendour with my charming Sally Greer.

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