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The Bad Girl's Lament


As I walked out of St. James' Hospital
St. James' Hospital early one morn
I spied my only fairest daughter
Wrapped up in white linen as cold as the clay.

So beat your drums slowly and play your pipes lowly
And play the dead march as you bear me along
Take me to the churchyard and throw the ground over me
For I'm a young maiden and I know I've done wrong.

Once on the street I used to look handsome
Once on the street I used to dress gay
'Twas first to the ale house, then to the dance hall
Then to the poor house, and now to my grave.

Oh come, dear mother, and sit beside me
Oh sit beside me and pity my case
For my head it is aching, my heart it is breaking
With sore lamentations I know I've done wrong.

Oh send for the minister to pray o'er my body
Oh send for the doctor to heal up my wounds
Oh send for the young man that first came to court me
That I may see him before I am gone.

Oh send for the young sailors to carry my coffin
Oh send for a young man to sing me a song
Get four pretty maidens with a bunch of red roses
To place on my coffin as you carry me along.

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