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The Battle of the Windmill


(Tune: The Girl I Left Behind Me)

On Tuesday morning we marched out
In command of Colonel Fraser
With swords and bayonets of polished steel
As keen as any razor.
Unto the Windmill plains we went
We gave them three loud cheers
To let them know that day below
We're the Prescott Volunteers.

Oh, we're the boys that feared no noise
When the cannons loud did roar
We cut the rebels left and right
When they landed on our shore.
Brave Macdonall nobly led
His men into the field;
They did not flinch, no, not an inch
Till the rebels had to yield.

He swung his sword right round his head
Saying, "Glengarrys follow me,
We'll gain the day without delay,
And that you'll plainly see!"
The rebels now remain at home,
We wish that they would come
We'd cut them up, both day and night,
By command of Colonel Young.

If e'er they dare return again
They'd see what we can do;
We'll show them British play, my boys,
As we did at Waterloo.
Under Colonel Jessup we will fight,
Let him go where he will;
With powder and ball they'll surely fall
As they did at the Windmill.

If I were like great Virgil bright
I would employ my quill;
I would write both day and night
Concerning the Windmill.
Lest to intrude I will conclude
And finish off my song,
We'll pay a visit to Ogdensburg
And that before it's long!

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