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Chief Douglas' Daughter


A traveller bound across the Sound
Cries, "Boatman, do not tarry!
And Eagles three I'll give to thee
To row us o'er the ferry."
"Now who be ye would cross the flood
This wild and stormy water?"
"Hush man, I'm Secretary Good
And this, the Douglas' daughter!"

"Three days ago I asked her hand
The chieftain bade me dry up!
And should he find me where I stand
He'd bung my other eye up!"
Out spake the hardy boatman then
"Come on, my buck, I'm ready!
It is not for your Eagles bright
But for your plucky lady!"

"And by my word, the bonny bird
Shall now find Fortune's frowns end
So though the waves are raging white
I'll row you to Port Townsend!"
The chieftain after dinner sat
Sipping his rum and water
"But where's my Alice? Where's my pet?
My daughter! Oh, my daughter!"

He to his castle window hied
He gazed out over the trellis
And in a schooner, bobbing round
Espied his daughter Alice.
"What ho, my gallant Drake!" cried he
"Quick to my house restore her
Your sire of old explored yon coast
Go catch me yon Explorer!"

"Now haste, love, haste!" the lady cried
"Oh, Charlie dear, I'd rather
Get married on the other side
Then taken back to father!
And by the road, my sight is good
Yon sternmost schooner, stuck in
I'm sure I see the odious Drake
I hope he'll get a ducking."

The night fell dark; the lovers' barque
By Cupid's aid befriended
The land was made, the J.P. paid
And all their troubles ended.
And in the morn, the gallant Drake
While brailing up his spanker
Espied the lovers in a bay
Quite cosily at anchor.

Quick alongside impetuously
He boarded in a passion
"Come back!" said he; "I shan't!" said she
"We're married Yankee fashion."
"Ah! Is it so?" cried Drake. "Alas!"
None destiny can master;
Since Jonathan has tied you fast
John Bull must tie you faster!"

"Come back! It is your sire's command
Though all our plans you've blighted
And since you've been united here
You'll there be reunited."
Back then they came and in the Church
Both Pa and Ma consenting
The pair were wed, went home to bed
And Drake was left lamenting.

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