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Jim Whalen


Come gentlemen and ladies, I pray you to draw near
'Tis of a mournful accident that I would have you hear
'Tis of a young and noble youth, Jim Whalen he was called
Who was drowned off Pete McLaren's raft below the upper fall.

The rapids they were raging, the river it ran high
The foreman to young Whalen said, "This jam we'll have to try.
You are both young and active, of danger you've no fear.
You're just the man to help me now and get this river clear."

Young Whalen then made answer unto his comrades bold
"Come one and all together; we'll do as we are told.
We'll obey our orders bravely, as noble men should do."
But as he spoke the jam it broke and let poor Whalen through.

Three brave youths were on the jam, and two of them were saved
But noble-hearted Whalen sank far beneath the wave.
No mortal man could live upon that foaming watery main
And though he struggled hard for life, his struggles were in vain.

The foaming waters roared and tossed the logs from shore to shore
Now here, now there his body went, a-tumbling o'er and o'er.
One fearful cry for mercy, "Oh, God look down on me!"
And his soul was freed from earthly care, bound to eternity.

Come all ye jolly raftsmen, think on poor Whalen's fate.
Take warning and be careful before it is too late
For death's still lurking 'round you, still seeking to destroy
The pride of many a father's heart and many a mother's joy.

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